Sue Nunnally

Active board member for 4 years


Why did you decide to join the Bike Safe I M board?

It was a great fit for me because of its educational focus. I connected with its mission from the beginning. I know that wearing a helmet saves lives. When the opportunity to join the board was presented, I accepted immediately!


Why is children’s bike safety important to you?

As a child, I had many bike accidents. Luckily I never suffered a serious injury but I had a friend in elementary school who did. I never forgot about it. Our family has worn bike helmets for years because we understand the safety benefits. My goal is to ensure that all families understand the safety benefits of wearing a helmet.


What value do you believe Bike Safe I M provides to the community?

The value is in preventing bike injuries from happening.  Bike Safe I M provides educational programs that demonstrate how to wear a helmet and maintain a bike. It educates the community about traumatic brain injury that could occur after a bike accident when a helmet is not worn. It may be something that people never considered. Bike Safe I M’s value is its educational programs that prevent any traumatic brain injuries from happening.


In what way(s) do you think our community could improve children’s bike safety initiatives?

It is important for communities to offer educational programs for all ages to ensure bike safety. It is essential that cycling roads and trails are maintained within the community. Bike Safe I M as it grows can be a part of ensuring that the community does these things.


What’s your favorite part about being on the Bike Safe I M board?

Feeling positive energy that is present when we are together. We are all focussed on the education of bike safety and prevention. It is amazing to see how far we’ve come. I look forward to growing and making a difference in the community.


What goals do you hope to see Bike Safe I M accomplish in the next 5 years?

I envision that Bike Safe I M will become much larger in the next 5 years because of the increase in its social media presence. I see us having more fundraising opportunities to potentially offer educational programs, helmets and bikes for underserved communities and financially helping families with children who have traumatic brain injuries sustained while riding a bike.



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