Moving Forward: Ian Tackles New Athletic Challenges

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Six years ago Ian was in rough condition. Stuck in the hospital as a result of a bicycle/vehicle collision that wasn’t his fault, Ian’s injuries were multiple. From a fractured pelvis to road rash and a concussion, Ian faced a long road to recovery.

Thanks to his bicycle helmet, Ian was alive, would recover, … and get back on his bike. Today Ian rides his bike often, saying cycling helps him ease tension, relax, and have fun.

But getting from where he was six years ago to where he is today wasn’t without its challenges. Part of Ian’s recovery included sports, and even though his accident was ages ago, he’s still affected by it.

Ian’s first competitive sport — about a year and a half after the accident — was baseball.  Ian’s doctors cleared him for minimal contact sports and baseball fit the bill. “It’s fun and I love playing!”

At two years post-accident, Ian added basketball. Sports were a great way for Ian to feel like a normal kid again.

Even though Ian was still having fun and loving both baseball and basketball, football was always in the back of his mind. Because of the accident, football was never a reality.

“My parents were protective, and that is understandable,” says Ian.

While flag football could have been an option, it never motivated Ian. It was the helmets, the pads, and the rough and tumble of tackle football that called to him.

After his family moved, Ian and his dad approached the high school football coach at his new school. Was it possible Ian might one day join the team?  After discussing procedures and researching how the team and the coaches handled accidents on the field, Ian’s physicians gave the green light and his parents consented. Ian could play this season!

Ian just wrapped up his first season of football a few weeks ago playing defensive left tackle. What does he think? “Best sport I’ve ever played, great team support.”

This spring Ian might return to baseball or maybe golf, but for now classes are his main priority. “High school comes with more responsibility, so I want to focus on that for now,” he said.

No matter which school Ian attends, the story of his accident comes up, the scars on his knees always a conversation starter. When asked by his friends about his bicycle accident, Ian is happy to share his story. A story of the Bike Safe I M Foundation, the Foundation’s mission, and most importantly, how wearing a bicycle helmet once saved Ian’s life.

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