Bike Safe I M goals are to provide comprehensive nationwide children’s bike safety programming for children ages 4-12.  Programming will include bike and helmet safety education for both children, parents, caregivers, and generate public interest in bike safety both in cities and rural communities.

Your donation will assist in the development of interactive educational programs which will reduce the risk of bike accidents and injury to children and to foster assistance to victim of bike accidents that are facing physical and/or mental challenges resulting from injury.

The Bike IM Foundation was formed on December 12, 2013, as a Nebraska nonprofit corporation and filed for status as an exempt IRS 501(c ) (3) organization on March 13, 2014. At this time our 501c3 application is still in processing with the IRS. It is our intent to attain tax exempt status so that your donations may be tax deductible. We are, however, per our legal and tax counsel, able to accept donations at this time in anticipation of the likely acceptance of our IRS tax exempt classification.


On behalf of Ian, the staff, family and friends we truly appreciate your support. Thank you.


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