Chris Gorman

Active board member for 3 years


Why did you decide to join the Bike Safe I M board?

The people and the mission were the two biggest drivers for my commitment to Bike Safe.


Why is children’s bike safety important to you?

As an avid cyclist and indoor cycling instructor, safety is always a top concern. Biking can be a great way to stay active and kids need to have the tools and education to make it a safe activity they can enjoy for a lifetime.


What value do you believe Bike Safe I M provides to the community?

Bike Safe IM is leading the charge in their communities to get proper education out to kids for safety. Our story of bike accidents is both one of a kind and all too common. Together we can continue to provide education that can save lives.


In what way(s) do you think our community could improve children’s bike safety initiatives?

Additional signage on trails. More community support. Corporate support from retailers to make it easy for kids to obtain proper helmets.


What’s your favorite part about being on the Bike Safe I M board?

Getting to work with like-minded people on such an important mission is my favorite part of Bike Safe IM.


What goals do you hope to see Bike Safe I M accomplish in the next 5 years?

National recognition as a leader in promoting bike safety. Deep corporate partnership to help provide helmets to kids who need them most. A presence in schools as part of safety protocols.



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