Bike Safe’s vision is a comprehensive, nationwide, children’s bike safety education and victim assistance program implemented via a network of community organizations (e.g. boy scouts, bike clubs), state agencies, retailers (e.g. bike shops), donors, local volunteer chapters, corporate sponsors, foundation ambassador advocates and fellow non-profits.


Our mission is twofold; to reduce the risk of bicycle accidents and injury to children through unique and interactive educational programming, in all fifty states, and to foster assistance for the families and victims of bicycle injury incidents.


  • Establish a family philanthropic legacy to do charitable good for young cyclists everywhere
  • Establish a foundation footprint in all 50 states
  • Enable the foundation to achieve its mission today while sustaining its ability to do so in the future
  • Generate public awareness to the issue of bicycle safety
  • Preserve the memory and interests of the founders for generations
  • Create a bicycle safety educational program and supporting materials to be distributable to community organizations, clubs, schools, state entities and other groups nationwide

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