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(and his little sister)

(that probably saved his life!)

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When biking,
wear your helmet


BikeSafe SafeKidHead

A helmet as unique as you!


Biking safe with my helmet - BikeSafe IMBikeSafe IM - looking cool in your helmet!

Make sure it fits
and fits your style!

BikeSafe SafeKidHead

Ava on her bike - BikeSafe IM

Meet Ian

It was a perfect day for a bike ride with Ava and Dad after the first day of school. This is a day that will be a memory for all who helped Ian, Ava, Mom, and Dad during the recovery process.

Here’s Ian.

Who We Are

Bike Safe IM has a coordinated multi-pronged approach to non-profit success including: relevant programming addressing bike safety issues and representing a large and important demographic – our children. Our children-orientated activities will be educational, interactive, and fun.

Helmets ALWAYS!

When worn correctly, a helmet reduces the risk of a life-altering brain injury should a child experience a bike accident. A head-first fall of minimal distance onto concrete puts a child at risk for brain injury.

How To!

ADULTS: Children need education, direction, and monitoring when learning to ride a bike. Be active in assisting children to ride safely and have fun!!!!

Share Your Story

If you’re reading this, chances are you may have personal experience with a biking safety incident or know someone who has. Whether it’s a sad story, funny anecdote, or piece of advice, we’d love to hear from you so we can share it with others.

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